Sunday, 7 April 2013

The snow's gradually disappearing.

Halfway up Allermuir and into the snow.

Looking back down from Allermuir with the "Skyline" in the background.

Barrie came off on a snowy descent, admittedly the photo was posed but that's compulsory!

Just Baz and me out this morning for a 32 miler that took in the 7 Steps and Maidens Cleugh twice just to make things interesting. Still a fair bit of snowy sections higher up with a few, or in my case a lot, of mishaps caused by the frozen snow! Highlight of the ride has to go to Baz making the first successful crossing of a very technical little rooty drop, with a small wooden bridge included  right after it,for good measure, I'm sure he'll be dreaming about that bit tonight!

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