Friday, 26 April 2013

Typical April weather, thunder, lightning, hail, rain and a bit of sun thrown in for good measure

Went out for a ride after a heavy shower of hail thinking that was it for the wrong can you be! Managed to avoid the worst of it by sheltering under a tree but the temperature fell to zero in minutes. Earlier on the thunder was rumbling away and at one point there was a spectacular flash of lightning which seemed to me to home in on Rosslyn Chapel, could this be a mysterious sign?!! One of the reasons for the ride today was the fact that last Saturday I'd had a puncture and after changing the tube I forgot to pick up my favourite metal tyre lever, but what do know, there it was still lying in the same place, either nobody had seen it or if someone had, they hadn't a clue what it was! It was lucky I'd taken a light jacket with me as at least the upper half of me was reasonably dry when I got home.

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