Sunday, 28 April 2013

A bit of fun.....

The first attempt at a photo when I badly under-estimated how high Clive would get! 

Managed to catch him a bit better this time!

 My own rather pathetic tiddly little jump!

Boys will be boys and when I suggested to Baz and Clive that there was a jump that I fancied taking some pictures they were keen as mustard.
Baz wasn't a great deal better!

Clive took everybody, including himself, by surprise with his first jump when he whizzed past my shoulder when I expected him to pooter past my knees. We've discovered its better having the camera on multiple photo mode to capture the best shots, though the downside to that is you spend about an hour deleting all the rubbish! This has become the latest craze which will last until somebody overcooks it and comes a cropper! 

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