Monday, 13 May 2013

After 27 off road miles I crashed mounting a pavement!

A badly swollen finger as a result of a pavement crash!

Clive came perilously close to coming off on the log crossing.

Baz failed to make it over this mud patch and ended up to his left knee in muck!

A varied bit of riding on Sunday morning with the highlights being the number of falls, Clive leading the way with four, Baz with a hilarious one where he narrowly missed going full length into mud patch he attempted to cross and me embarrassingly coming off mounting a pavement half a mile from home and nearly breaking a finger. The weather gods smiled again on us, cold but dry when we were out and rain about 5 minutes after we'd arrived home.Today, Monday, the finger is recovering slowly and I'm busy thinking up some dare devil feat that caused the injury.......I can hardly say it was caused by mounting a pavement.

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