Sunday, 19 May 2013

Disaster as I tried to cross a flooded bike wash!

Mark, with the red back pack, who we cycled back with to Flotterstone today.

This small lizard had to be rescued from the road up near the Howe.

Fun and games in the mist and mud today. Riding glasses kept steaming or misting up with the fine drizzle and eventually were removed. The tracks which had been so dry were muddy and slidey again after yesterdays downpour and added to the fun. No ride I am involved in ever returns without some bruise or cut and today I think I excelled myself with a bruise on the right shin, a left knee that would win the world knobbly knee championship as a result of a failed attempt to cross the river at the part known as the "bike wash" and a cut elbow, also suffered there! My confidence and ego also took a huge knock as a result of this failure but that will return quick enough!
The attempt to ride through the bike wash was a complete disaster and ended with a belly flop into the river and "nils points" for style.......but at least the bike got a clean.  

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