Friday, 3 May 2013

New tyres make all the difference..........

There weren't many nights with weather like this last year.

Dougie shows the way with a strategically placed log at the ditch crossing!

Mark and his new tyres follow suit!

I thought I'd get an over the bars photo at this ditch but the new tyres came good again!

Mark arrived to meet Dougie and me proudly showing off his new tyres which at first glance appeared to have been nicked off a tractor. However the confidence they gave him was remarkable and he went on to record a KOM on one of the Strava segments and some highly impressive ditch crossings!
The trails just now are about as good as they can get, dry and firm, nothing like the mud and misery we seemed to endure for the whole of last year, maybe after our hard winter we will get a good summer, we can live in hope at least............ 

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