Saturday, 21 September 2013

Baz sleeps in!!

Baz still with a guilty look on his face at Threipmuir Reservoir

A big running/walking charity event on up the Pentlands today, this was the start (obviously!!)

An over confident Baz met his Waterloo on this greasy bit of track going round Black Hill!

After being told that he'd be along early so wed get a bigger than normal ride in, Baz failed to show up and I had to phone him only to discover he was still in bed! His excuse was a malfunctioning alarm, which I refused to swallow, and he was warned as to his future conduct!!! However, give him his due and he was along within half an hour looking a bit dishevelled but ready to go! 26.6 miles this morning and the highlight for me was Baz coming off twice on a relatively easy section of track round Black Hill! 

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