Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Mishaps at the Tour de Ben Nevis (but not by me!)

1st mishap, Dougie's rear derailleur hanger broke, and guess what...he didn't have a spare one! 

Mark lookin slightly the worse for wear nearing the end of the ride.

A great picture of Mad Max in full flow!

Our two intrepid heroes, Dougie and Mark were both doing the Tour de Ben Nevis at the weekend and for chaos and mishaps they took a bit of beating! Dougie missed last year's event due to breaking a thumb a few weeks before so was granted a free entry into this years race. It looks like there's a curse on him as he'd only gone 6 miles when his hanger snapped for no apparent reason and with no spare that was him out and faced with the walk back to Fort William. Mark's ride was filled, as usual, with chaos! 2 or was it 3 punctures, a damaged back wheel, he managed to lose his timing chip, his Garmin got switched off accidentally and of course the odd twinge of cramp. But Mad Max managed to complete the course despite these setbacks and lives to ride another day!! As for Dougie, he must wonder what next year has in store for him if he enters again.....
Edit to this post.......Mark reminded me that his rear shock packed in as well!!!

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