Sunday, 8 December 2013

Cold and windy weather (Strathpuffer) training.......

This was about as bad as it got out on my local trails after the storms that hit Scotland last week, a couple of branches and the odd tree here and there. I reckon we got off pretty lightly.

A novel method employed by Baz to clean his backside after a particularly muddy ride last night.

Mark looks exceptionally clean as he hoses down his bike in my back garden but he had removed a rather mucky pair of over trousers.

52 miles in total between last night and early this morning as Strathpuffer training goes up a notch. With the milder weather comes the inevitable mud and my garden is beginning to accumulate a fair bit of Pentland Hills mud as it's washed off the bikes. 28 miles last night with Clive, Mark and Baz and this morning Baz and me did another very wet and windy 24 miles to bring the total for my week just short of 130 off road miles.

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