Thursday, 5 December 2013

Managed a ride before "the storm" came

Three of us out in the hills last night in windy but dry conditions. The "Big Storm" that's been forecast since last week-end wasn't to hit us till later last night and so it turned out. There's no way we could have biked in the conditions that came later on in the night, hurricane force winds and horizontal hailstones!
The section of the path  that's known as Maidens Cleugh has been "improved" by a mechanical digger to allow the gamekeeper to drive up to the moors in a landrover, whats wrong with the lazy sod walking or at worst going on a quad ? The path has been destroyed and if it's bad enough for bikers it's a hundred times worse for walkers, they'll be over the ankles in muck.
I managed to gouge a lump out of my forearm at Glentress last week when I came off and fell on a rock, needless to say this was accompanied by the usual volley of colourful language which I always find alleviates the pain (not).

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