Friday, 10 January 2014

The Mudhugger test ride (in the muckiest conditions I could find)

Not the muddiest bit of the track but I'd stopped for the call of nature so decided to take a photo!

Now I'm into the muck and good quality muck at that, sticky wet clay and plenty of it!

A ride today to test the Mudhugger rear mudguard in the dirtiest conditions I could find up in the Pentlands and I wasn't disappointed. It blew a gale higher up and then chucked horizontal frozen rain at me as I came down the clartiest (i.e. muckiest) bit of track I could find. The Mudhugger performed really well, not interfering with the suspension and well out of the way when I went over the back of the seat. The only complaint I could make is that it could maybe have been just a little bit longer as I did get some dirt up my back but considering the conditions it did really well. Downside of today's ride was I discovered a suspension bearing had packed in when I got back home, that's typical in the week coming up to an event, but already there's parts been ordered, I seem to be keeping the bike business solvent on my own these days!! 

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