Friday, 24 January 2014

Started training for something or other, don't know what yet.....

A ray of sunshine, that's a rare occurence at this time of year in Scotland!

In the next month or so this bit should be a blanket of snowdrops.

Halfway up the valley from the Howe.

Top of Maidens Cleugh descent and the climbing's nearly finished for this ride.

The Strathpuffer's been and gone and already this week I've managed over 70 off-road miles, I've decided it's back to the hard grind again of training, but at this moment in time I don't know what I'm training for. I've had a few suggestions and got a few things in mind but it'll have to be once the weather improves, which could be quite some time yet! 
The Mudhugger extension has been working a treat and while I thought I was the only one to think of extending it, there were quite a few extensions at the Strathpuffer, though the most of them were on 29rs, the actual Mudhugger for a 29r itself not yet in production till the end of January.

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