Sunday, 16 February 2014

Best riding day of the far.....

Baz and me posing as the sun rises behind us at the top of the 7 steps.

Baz cycles off to get his picture taken coming back through Threapmuir reservoir overflow, Clive and me hoping he'd fall off for a really good picture!!

Damn!!! He got back through unscathed!

Don't know when the sky was last that colour on a Sunday morning. 

Getting up into the snow now.

No Baz, we're not going up to the top of West Kip today!

A 6am start and for a change on a Sunday morning neither a strong wind or heavy rain, it felt as though something was wrong. The temperature was down to nearly -4deg higher up today but with the sun shining, once it rose, things were looking better than they've done since the start of this long cold wet winter. Maybe things will get better, come to think of it, they can't get much worse!

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