Sunday, 23 February 2014

Have you ever tried biking in a hurricane?

This picture isn't posed, the wind actually was so strong that the bikes were in danger of being blown away!

Ignoring Mark's advice yesterday that we should have been out then, we boldly set off before 6am this morning into a strong headwind. It was nothing to what the wind was like once we climbed up Castlelaw, up there it was just impossible to stay on your feet at times never mind ride a bike. Clive decided to bail out half-way up but Baz and me struggled on to the top where things just became downright dangerous. We decided to cut our losses and head down to Edinburgh and slightly lesser winds and make our way home from there. A mishap here when I came off mounting a kerb, what is it about kerbs with me this is the second time, the back wheel skidded round and I went down with a thump managing to cut  my eyebrow in the process. Luckily Baz had a roll of toilet paper (always useful in emergencies) and with a wad of that stuck in the side of my riding glasses we managed to semi stop the blood running down the side of my face. It attracted a few strange looks on the cycle back to the house though!!

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