Thursday, 27 February 2014

Mishaps was the name of the game last night....

Last night 4 of us were out, the weather was reasonable,i.e. no howling gales and no lashing rain, which was just as well as there were a few mishaps to contend with. Mark's chain was the first as it snapped on a relatively sheltered spot at the top of Castlelaw and surprisingly it was repaired fairly quickly. About a mile further on Marks lights suddenly disappeared as he skidded on a greasy corner and nearly swallow dived into a ditch. It was my turn next to come off as I fiddled with my Garmin and never noticed a greasy rut and when down like a tree being felled. But no damage done, only to my ego!
Out today for a quick 15 miler on my own and managed to fit it in, between a shower of rain just before I went out, and a shower of hail just after I got back again (and no mishaps today either)!!

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