Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Flat pedals can be dangerous!!!

These things should be banned....or idiots like me should be banned from using them maybe! 

The result of using a set of flats for the first time and not realising how bloody dangerous they are. 

A short stop on tonight's ride at Black Hill with Neil apparently either giving directions or asking for them!

Went out through the day today on the Trek which I had fitted a pair of flat pedals to, for a short ride. I'd never ridden with flats before and fancied a go with them not realising that the buggers would attack me and draw blood! You have to be very careful apparently when dismounting in a hurry to make sure your legs are well out of range or they'll attack with the ferocity of a mad crocodile, thank God it wasn't my neck!
It didn't stop 5 of us going out tonight though and even if the ride might have been a mile or so shorter than usual at least it was a bit different.

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abmac. said...

Better not let "'er indoors" see that!