Saturday, 29 March 2014

Saturday night (biking) fever

A bit of fun this afternoon with Baz, Clive and Mark as I videoed them coming through the gate at the side of Black Hill reservoir, much as I'd hoped for someone to go over the bars and into the water they managed to stay upright.......bugger!!
A 27 miler that finished, after 4 hours of riding, in the dark, but the good news is the clocks go forward an hour tonight so that gives us an extra hour of daylight from tomorrow for the next 6 months ( it actually doesn't increase the hours of daylight, but it feels like it!)
It's all downhill from here,more or less, till we get home. The video and photo today were taken with my new toy, a Muvi HD camcorder which will be a lot better, I hope, when the chest mount I've ordered arrives, at the moment I've got it on top of my helmet and it looks as though I've the Eiffel Tower strapped to the top of my head, not handy for going under overhanging branches!

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