Thursday, 17 April 2014

11 year old Duncan rides some of the Pentlands....

One of the fastest descents in the Pentlands is Maidens Cleugh and 11 year old Dunc did it in style......except when he stopped at the bottom gate to give the thumbs up!
The path along the side of Harelaw Reservoir

Sitting astride the "Throne" at the top of Maidens Cleugh 

After the embarrassing fall at the bottom of Maidens Cleugh!

Duncan who's on holiday with the rest of his family from Cardiff expressed a desire to do a Pentlands ride so to give him a little help his dad gave us (and the bikes of course) a lift up to the car park at Threapmuir Reservoir to start our trek from there. There was still a hard climb up the 7 steps to the start of Maidens Cleugh but young Dunc gritted his teeth and got there without a halt. The descent was pretty dry by what it's been lately and Dunc did his usual little jumps and tail whips at every opportunity!  
Dunc finished of the ride by showing me how this jump should be done......and nearly going over the fence before he could stop!!

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