Thursday, 10 April 2014

Is the weather settling's about b####y time!!

Last night, Wednesday, and there were 6 of us out celebrating (?) Marks wedding anniversary!! 

A remote selfie taken this afternoon, weather definitely improving.

A wicked little climb, known on Strava as Franks Climb, guaranteed to knock the stuffing out of your legs.

The rather grand Bush House, once the estate mansion for Bush Estate but now converted into offices.

Things can only get better the song says, and in the case of the weather here's hoping! After things had dried up nicely we were treated to a few days of constant rain and easterly winds that threatened to tear the skin of your face, but at the week-end the wind went back round to the west again and the tracks are actually drying up reasonably quickly once again. Fingers (and everything else) crossed that it remains like this for some time as I have some little relatives coming to visit with bikes and the last thing her indoors wants is little muddy feet all over the floors!

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