Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Dumb and Dumber come out victorious!

Mark and Baz shake hands/face up, before the challenge begins!

Dumb and Dumber wish each other luck just before the start of the first lap.

Mark comes down to the timing mat like a bat outa hell!!

And climbs to hand over the timing chip to Baz like a bat that's been to hell and back!

The end of the Glentress 7 and our heroes are victorious in the challenge!

The Glentress 7 was held on Saturday on a course that was fast and furious, bone dry with dust beginning to rise before too long. The contest we were interested in was the challenge between Mark and Baz against Dougie and Dylan and a close run thing it turned out to be. Right up to the last lap a simple mechanical could have changed the outcome and Mark true to form as ever managed three offs, luckily none serious, in fact disappointingly he didn't even draw blood!! In the end Mark and Baz won but to be honest (not really) everyone was a winner! A great day helping, or was it hindering , both teams at the chip changeovers and just enjoying the general banter. 

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