Sunday, 1 June 2014

A tour of the eastern end of the Pentlands

Top of Allermuir Hill early this morning.

No, this isn't our tent, but whoever was in it can think themselves lucky there wasn't much wind or they'd have taken off!

A fantastic early morning view along the Pentland Skyline

Ready to go along the track on the north side of Black Hill

Two lady horse riders who kindly stopped to let us pass in the Bush Estate.

A 5.30 am start this morning and fora change it was warm enough to even forgo a base layer. The climb from Boghall to the top of Allermuir soon had the sweat dripping from our foreheads but the views from the summit made the effort worthwhile.Our trail today twisted and turned back on itself as we went along, nothing like a bit of variety to spice things up! Over 29 miles cycled and just short of 3000 feet climbed meant that the cheese toasties we had for breakfast on our return went down a treat!

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