Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Pentland Hills Skyline done again.

En route to the Skyline we did the descent from Black Hill, always a thriller!

The final last few yards of the push to the top of West Kip

Baz standing on the summit of West Kip. 

Beside the trig point on top of Scald Law, the highest of the Skyline hills

The view is spectacular from Carnethy over to Turnhouse Hill and the final descent.

Monday morning saw Baz and me off just after 5.30am for an epic mornings biking up the Pentlands. The highlight was doing the Skyline from West Kip along to Turnhouse Hill with at least 2 miles of hike a bike involved but the descents make it all worthwhile, some slow, rocky and technical and the final one back down to Flotterstone flat out down singletrack and grassy bankings. By the time we'd reached this part of the route there were a few hill walkers about and even though we gave them a wide berth you could see the disapproving looks on some of their faces! Sod them!! They seem to think the hills belong to them. No animals (or hill walkers for that part) were hurt in the adventure and we cant wait to get a suitable morning to do it all again! 

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