Monday, 12 May 2014

Winter's officially over, at least in Scotland that is.....

Just to prove it's Spring at last the bluebells appeared in the aptly named "Bluebell Wood"!

A bit muddy on the track but the weather was good on Sunday morning.

                                                A selfie of kinds with the remote control!

The descent down to the burn from the track along the side of West Kip.

Sunday morning saw Baz and me off at 5.20am, ridiculous I know, but there's nobody gets in your way at that ungodly hour and we get back for a fry-up at 10am if everything goes according to plan. It started off pretty miserable with light rain and mist higher up into the hills but then suddenly brightened up and even though things were a bit greasy we still had a great 30 miles biking. The forecast looks as though things are set to improve in the next few days after whats been a pretty wet last two weeks, so here's hoping!

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