Sunday, 8 June 2014

An early rise for a good bike ride!

6am and we're heading up the steep approach road to Castlelaw

The Strava segment known as the Castlelaw Summit Grunt, so named because if you're ever gonna grunt it'll be here!

Castlelaw summit, the Grunt's been conquered and the view's tremendous! 6.30am approx. 

Now to conquer West Kip, a bit more hike a bike needed here!

We've made it and just look at that view!

5.30am and we were off, a bit chilly at first but once we started climbing that was soon forgotten. We hadn't been up the Castlelaw Summit Grunt for ages so decided on that today, the track was so loose that even Baz couldn't make it up without coming off today. We tried a new descent down the South side and after a few false runs eventually found a route down, bloody steep and a bit hairy in bits!
Next bit of hike a bike was up West Kip, when we reached the top we could hardly stand, the wind was so strong. Down the east side of that and up over East Kip then the descent down to the Howe and home. 27 miles with over 3000 feet of climbing, just ready for the bacon rolls!

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