Saturday, 7 June 2014

Dry for one day then wet for two days!

How can you get a day with weather like it was on Friday and then the rubbish it is today?

The top of the Strava segment known as "Bonkers Bavelaw" where speeds of up to 50mph have been recorded

Looking down over Threapmuir Reservoir in idyllic conditions.

I went out solo yesterday,Friday, forenoon for a short ride of maybe 10 to 15 miles and conditions were so good that I ended up doing 25 miles, I'd promised Clive I'd do a ride at night and we set off with about 15 miles maximum in mind but conditions were still so good that we ended up doing the same 25 miles I'd done earlier in the day, a bit boring I know but If you could see the weather outside my window just now........absolutely tipping it down. The motto:- "make hay while the sun shines" (and get out on your bike as well). 

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