Sunday, 28 September 2014

Early morning, still dark, no helmet light, low branch = cut nose!

The result of "not really watching where you're going"!

Clive and Baz can't wait to get into their energy bars!

Back home down the side of Loganlea Reservoir.

It was still dark when we set off at 6am this morning but Baz and me decided against helmet lights as there wouldn't be too long to wait till it became light. Bad mistake! Cycling through the Bush Estate we missed a path down to the right in the dark and I turned back and  cycled down what I thought was the track only to whack straight into a branch at face level! The usual foul language ensued, which helped the pain greatly, but not the embarrassment! The rest of the ride was relatively incident free, but I'll take a while to live down the cut on the bridge of my nose! 

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