Monday, 6 October 2014

The weather's turning wet....what's new there?

This "ditch" has been bone dry all summer but after nearly 24 hours rain form Friday through till nearly mid-day Saturday things took on a different soggy character. Coming along the track at the side of West Kip's been a piece of cake lately but alas the water's running down the gullys and ditches again. Baz and his 29er crossed this one apparently with ease but I attempted the same bit on my more modest 26er and the front wheel just dug right in and in a second I was viewing the ground from a completely different angle! I did a sideways landing in the ditch of freezing cold mountain water and then had the embarrassment of having to stand while Baz took a photograph of my unfortunate appearance, thank God there wasn't any body else about. Still we managed over 27 miles and the rain stayed away for the whole of the ride.

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