Sunday, 14 September 2014

Last big ride before the Tour de Ben Nevis

A final bit of sustenance before the hike a bike to the top of West Kip for the start of the Skyline

Mark struggling up the final push to the top!

And Baz very nearly at the top!

The top of Scald Law and a minutes rest, but not for long as its only 7 degrees C

Mark wanted a big ride before next weeks Tour de Ben Nevis so he duly arrived at 6am this morning to accompany Baz and me on a semi-epic in the Pentlands. The aim is to do over 4000 feet of climbing and a fair bit of hike a biking into the bargain and we achieved that with a bit to spare. Just over 27 miles with some great descents thrown in as well, we'll probably take it a bit easier this week to let the legs recover for next Saturday.

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