Friday, 12 September 2014

Training for the Tour de Ben Nevis, a bit of biking and a bit of hike a biking

That looks like a sheep track to me....

This photo doesn't really do justice to how steep the push is up to the top of West Kip.

Trying to do a Hilary and Tensing pose atop West Kip (and failing)

The Tour de Ben Nevis mountain bike event is next weekend and while we're not entirely sure we're going yet, we've been doing a fair bit of training for it just in case! This involves a fair bit of hike a bike malarkey which to be honest, once you've done the Pentland Skyline is a bit of a doddle on the TdB.
More of the same this Sunday morning when Mark has threatened to come with us as well....should be interesting!

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