Sunday, 12 October 2014

Buzzing about in Beecraigs.....

Nearly there at Beecraigs Park after the climb up from Linlithgow

Cycling back and about to pass through the highly impressive gates at the entrance to Hopetoun House.

Biking back along the shore road to South Queensferry we go under the new road bridge being built over the River Forth.

A bit of a change today, with both Baz and Clive being elsewhere, Dougie asked if I'd like to accompany him and Dylan on a bike ride from South Queensferry up to Beecraigs Park, up in the hills from Linlithgow. It was a real peasouper when we left South Queensferry but after a bit of climbing up to the Union Canal we got into bright sunshine. Along the canal to Linlithgow and then the steep climb up to Beecraigs. Lots of singletrack trails with black and red sections, loads of wet (today) roots and a fairish bit of greasy slippy conditions to make life interesting. Dylans bike contrived to pick up a small stone which jammed the chain and bent the rear derailleur into the back wheel but with the aid of some quiet cursing we managed to recover enough gears to enable him to cycle back home, luckily most of it was downhill! Over 28 miles to get the weekly mileage over 100 again, I might just manage the 5000 by the end of the year yet!

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