Thursday, 13 November 2014

A mountain bike birthday bash....

Belgian chocolate truffles and brandy high up in the Pentlands!

Back down at the Flotterstone car park a surprise birthday cake appears courtesy of Dougie and Linda and I do a passable imitation of addressing the haggis on Burns Night!

More brandy with a wedge of birthday cake this time!

It was my birthday yesterday and what better way to celebrate than a birthday bike ride up the Pentlands. When we reached the highest point I surprised my fellow riders by producing a box of Belgian chocolate truffles only to be outdone as Clive then produced a hip flask of brandy and 4 small steel cups to drink from. This was then outdone once more when we arrived back at Marks car at Flotterstone where who should be waiting complete with birthday cake and knife to carve it, but Dougies partner Linda, who he'd secretly texted earlier with the time we'd be back down. Needless to say the hip flask was brought back out again and more hilarity ensued.......the last 5 mile cycle home was slightly wobblier than usual....

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