Sunday, 9 November 2014

At last Clive goes tubeless.....with the usual teething problems

Clive's newly created tubeless wheels, chained up in his shed to prevent them escaping!

The river crossing this morning, I'm afraid my two riding companions wimped out of riding the deepest bit!

We eventually caught up with these members of a local triathlon club, fit lads these!

They then took a picture of us!

And finally, near home, some wee ponies who turned their backs on us!

After the rest of us had been tubeless for over a year, Clive eventually took the plunge after dithering about for months, so whats new there? The usual problems were encountered I'm glad to say, it would have been very annoying if he'd had none, but on the maiden ride this morning everything went ticketyboo and even the slight air leak at the valve on the front wheel appears to have sealed! 
The ride today was notable in that both Baz and me were suffering from sore throats and I'm positive half my lungs remain at the side of the tracks we rode up in the Pentlands this morning. In the end we managed a creditable 29.5 miles to get my weekly mileage over the 100 again. Still going to be tight to reach the 5000 miles off road before the years end though!

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