Sunday, 2 November 2014

What were the chances of picking up a drawing pin in your tyre 1200 feet up in the Pentlands? It could only happen to Clive!!

The chances of getting a single drawing pin puncturing your tyre up in the hills (who takes them up there anyway) are about as remote as winning the lottery.

Baz appears pre-occupied with something on the horizon while Clive struggles to fit a 26r tube into a 29r tyre and wheel!

At last a downhill from here and an added bonus of the wind in our backs

The best descent and the best view in the Pentland Hills (IMO)

A 6 am start this morning and Clives says he's felt better than after a pretty sleepless night with a sick daughter. As usual the sympathy is minimal from Baz and me, though to be honest I had felt better myself! However after the tough climb up Castlelaw everybody felt better. Mishaps today were Clive picking up in his front tyre what must have been the only drawing pin at large in the Pentland Hills, and then discovering he'd brought the wrong backpack, how many does he have, don't ask!!! Any way a 26" tube does fit round a 29" wheel with a bit of mild persuasion and we were soon back on the bikes. Baz a rare, for him, over the bars episode on the climb up to West Kip, which was good to see though he didn't lie long enough for me to photograph him! 28 miles today and over 2500 feet of climbing and the weather's definitely turning colder.

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