Sunday, 21 December 2014

Last ride of 2014......roll on 2015!

A selfie of Clive and me on the way along to the shelter belt  descent

 Two guys we met up with at the Howe, one of whom had a most magnificent beard!! Felt quite jealous!

They were game enough to try the river crossing on their cross bikes, unfortunately only the magnificent bearded one made it through successfully!

In fact he was so pleased at his effort that he went back to do it again!

Here he comes, I was hoping for a photo of him coming off in the deepest bit among the rocks!

No, fair play to him, both bike and beard made it through successfully!

Off down to Cardiff to visit family for Xmas, so yesterday Clive and I went for what will be my last ride of 2014, and how my backside must rejoice to hear that as its suffering a bit from the last frantic weeks' efforts to reach the targets I'd set for the year. We met up with a couple of riders on cross bikes up from the Howe who were game enough to try the river crossing on their bikes and let me photograph them in the process. The water was still high-ish but even though I tried my best to telephatically make them fall off for a better picture they made it through relatively unscathed!
That's all for this year, it's been a great year for mountain biking in Scotland with a good, dry, sunny summer, here's hoping 2015 is as good!   

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Ora Grant said...

That's more like it. The best way to greet the new year is to soldier on and keep on moving. I find it really cool that you consider biking not only as a hobby, but as a chore that can really get you to places. I bet you are always amping up the functions of your bike, so that it can even take you further places, which is really great for travel and activity. All the best to you!

Ora Grant @