Thursday, 18 December 2014

It's hawthorn hedge cutting season time again, but I've got it sorted this year!

Not very clear to see but there were at least two hefty thorns in Marks front tyre last night.

After a year or two of non stop punctures when hawthorn hedge cutting season gets under way things had to change. So the answer appears to be....go tubeless! The thorns still attack the tyres with the same determination to wreck your riding but they're foiled by the lack of a tube to burst and the fact that the sealant in the tubeless tyre seals the holes instantaneously. Mark had at least two last night and on my return journey home I picked up maybe even more but the tyres are still hard today. Result!!! The fact that I managed to get the sealant for diddley squit makes it even more enjoyable and I've enough in a container to keep me going on tubeless tyres for about another thirty years!!

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