Friday, 5 December 2014

Make hay while the sun shines....or at least get out on the bike

Makes a change going down here in daylight

The water's low so there was a bit more stone removal done today to make it easier to cross when it's in full flow.

A sheltered sunny spot to stop for a banana

West Kip was looking good in the winter sun.

The daylight's getting shorter and shorter so every chance there is I'm offski out on the bike to try and get my mileage target for the year. Next weeks weather isn't looking too rosy at the moment with storms forecast for the middle of the week so on a day like today when there was hardly a cloud in the sky it was too good a chance to miss. 27.5 miles over 2000 feet of climbing and a bit of river stone removal into the bargain, that's what I call a good ride! 

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