Sunday, 7 December 2014

He's not quite ready for the Strathpuffer yet!

A guy who Clive knows and was talking to at a party a couple of weeks ago, told him he'd entered in a team of four for the Strathpuffer and that he'd like to come out with us some Sunday morning for our Pentland weekend cycle. Well that morning was today and if ever somebody was in no fit shape for the Strathpuffer which is just over a month away it was Scott. Even though we kept the pace deliberately moderate he struggled from the word go and finally admitted defeat at just over 7 miles. Clive decided to escort him home while Baz and I continued on our own ending up with 26.5 miles and over 2100 feet of climbing on the coldest day of the winter so far. We met up with Clive again on the way home and discovered he'd done more miles than us, though not as much climbing, where he'd all been goodness only knows!.No pictures today, conditions were all against it!

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