Sunday, 18 January 2015

More fun in the snow.....

The river crossing this morning, a bit tricky due to the large stones washed down by the recent floods
The descent down the valley, snowy and icy.

Start of the road down from the Howe, also very icy.

My two riding buddies this morning discussing some world important issue (not)!

Downhill from here!

Not quite so much snow this weekend so it was easier pedalling today. Not so many offs either and Baz after purchasing knee pads and elbow pads for protection failed to fall off and provide me with a good photo. I went front ice spiker only, mainly because there was too much faffing around changing cassettes and brake discs involved, Clive went out on his Kona fully ice spikered and Baz went out on his Nobby Nics and annoyingly didn't fall off!  25.5 miles this morning with some hard climbing and the odd bit of tricky descending.

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