Sunday, 11 January 2015

Out in the snow today!

The snow started to get a bit serious after we got a bit higher up into the Pentlands

The only way is up...though it was hard going!

A stop for a rest at Harlaw and a selfie

Baz sets of on the downhill section at last

Unfortunately he misjudged the depth of a snowdrift and came to grief, I managed to rescue him but not before I'd taken a photo!

An early start this morning, about 5.15am to fit a new rear derailleur to Baz's bike after last weeks breakdown and we had the bike up and running in half an hour. The inch or so of snow when we set off gave a good grip so no ice spikers were needed but once we got up into the hills there was quite a bit more with a bit of drifting as well. A fair bit of falling off, cursing and walking was done today with a new discovery, Mudhuggers and deep snow don't mix too well with occasionally the wheels jamming completely! Not the quickest ride we've ever done but it must have been one of the best fun ones! How do women never understand the fun grown men can have on a bike in the snow?

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