Sunday, 4 January 2015

Out on the ice

Daylight breaking as we get near to West Kip

The sun's up and its downhill (and ice) from here on.

Baz's rear derailleur is in a sorry mess but it made it back!

Off out at 6am this morning and bloody cold it was too! There was ice here there and everywhere and a few near misses or offs, in fact Clive was the only one to actually come off due to the ice. Once again he was experimenting with his new toy, the video camera, which caused much amusement as he forgot to remove the lens cover the first time, and then discovered he hadn't charged it up correctly the next time. He is however determined to succeed in his quest for exciting footage though I think he'll have to improve on today's effort which was a jerky, bumpy, ride in the dark down a rather boring bit of track!! Probably the most exciting thing today was Baz's rear derailleur packing in with10 miles to go, and actually holding together somehow to make it home.

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