Sunday, 22 February 2015

Another new track discovered....

Dawn breaking and already we've been out for just under 2 hours!

Me photographing Baz photographing me!!

The view from the top of Bells Hill before the steep descent.

Me trying to look full of energy at the top of Bells Hill (and failing)

Off at 5.30 this morning to try and get a decent ride in before the threatened bad weather forecast for the middle of the forenoon. As usual we like to try out different routes and today we opted for a track up Bells Hill which Baz to his credit managed to clean while I had to push the steepest parts. This turned out to be a Strava segment and Baz to his disgust after waiting for me at the top then found the segment ended a few yards further on and I had a quicker time by 3 seconds. As the rain was still holding off we did Black Hill as well and conditions were more or less perfect with hard ground but next to no ice. 27.5 miles today and nearly 3000 feet of climbing......and the rain started 5 minutes after we got home!

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