Saturday, 28 February 2015

A few mishaps this week....

A guy we met up in the hills today who's given us an idea for a route next week.

That Highland Cow looks slightly threatening

An old ruin (the building not me) that I've eventually found the track to.

The long push up to the summit of Allermuir today, we were both too knackered to pedal up!

A hill runner was on hand to take our pictures at the summit (in a gale as usual)

The river/stream where I came off on Wednesday night.

What a week, managed to eventually source a rear shock for my oldest Anthem and did most of my riding this week on it. Highlight of the week must have been my embarrassing come off into the water just up from the Howe when I totally misjudged the exit from the island in my haste to get ahead of Mark and ended up lying on my side in about 18 inches of water, my head actually went right under! This was at 8 pm and about 10 miles from home, luckily it was relatively mild and there was a tail wind as well! Still bloody cold by the time I got back! Today, Saturday, Baz and me did a 29 miler here, there, and everywhere up the Pentlands and managed over 3500 feet of climbing, which in the soft muddy conditions left the legs feeling a bit weak! Another good weeks biking but I wish the warmer weather would come.... 

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