Sunday, 22 March 2015

No snow but it was cold enough for it

The first stop, a bit of shelter from the icy cold wind

Baz sits after his off, still unable to believe it happened on such an easy bit of track!

Up the top of West Kip again this week, and it's too cold to hang about

The start of the descent down the track from West Kip across to East Kip

A 5.30am start again this week and it's not long until we can switch off the lights. The temperature hovered just above freezing for most of the morning but the ground conditions have improved a lot since last week due to it being rain free most of the time. 29 miles this morning, the highlight being the descent from East Kip down to the Howe which in today's dry conditions was just fantastic, it makes the hard hike a bike up West Kip more than worthwhile!

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