Sunday, 29 March 2015

British Summer Time, but nobody told the weather

A brilliant sunrise at the top of the Castlelaw climb which was obscured by mist  almost immediately!

Baz and Clive ride over to the start of the descent to Bonaly reservoir

Through the woods round the side of Harlaw Reservoir

British Summer Time began this morning which meant an hour less in bed but Baz still insisted on a 5.30am start! As it was this worked out really well as we would have missed a spectacular sunrise as we went to the top of Castlelaw, the mist rolling up the hillside to obscure it within half a minute! The temperature yet again barely rose above freezing, I'd love to know where this global warming nonsense comes from, obviously not from mountain bikers out early on a Sunday morning! Over 30 miles this morning and conditions are back to greasy and soggy again!

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