Monday, 9 March 2015

Wet, windy and cold, just a normal day in Scotland then......

A short stop while Baz adjusts his knee pads!

There's always a few horses up near Harlaw

Mark still looking fresh(ish) after the climb up Black Hill!

Mark not looking quite as fresh now on the climb back up Hare Hill, and Allermuir was still to come!!

The weather at this point actually looks good, 5 minutes later the hailstone were trying to remove the skin from our faces!

4 of us set off at 8.30am on Sunday morning for a Pentlands trip. Clive baled out after an hour and a half as he had to be home early but Baz, Mark and me continued on for another 3 hours in soft greasy muddy conditions, getting battered by the occasional hail shower blasted into our faces by a gale force wind. Over 4k feet of climbing which had Mark almost on his knees at times but to his credit he never once complained (at least if he did I didn't hear him!) and true to form on some of the descents he continued to cause mayhem with any hill walkers who happened to stray into his path!A great mornings biking and today,Monday, I've managed to fit in an easy 17 miler as a recovery ride!

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