Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hike-a-biking along the Pentland Skyline

My garage-workshop-bike store in its usual chaotic state when we left on Saturday at 3pm!

A quick stop for some refreshment, the hardest bit of the ride was still to come.

The top of West Kip and the view as usual is breathtaking, even better on a good day like Saturday!

Its the top of East Kip now and an equally steep descent then the climb to Scald Law in the distance.

The summit of Carnethy Hill with its many rocks.

An afternoon/early evening ride on Saturday and with the weather turning warmer we decided on an assault on the Pentland Skyline. The ground had dried out a lot even since mid-week and the descent were as usual fast and furious.The hike-a-biking wasn't too bad as the temperature never really rose too high.Quite a fair bit of video footage between Clive and myself, I'll try and post some up mid week. 27 hard miles in total and I dreamt non stop of the descents at night!

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