Saturday, 4 July 2015

A bit o' biking in Wales

Dave and me have arrived at the Bikepark Wales car park and discovered the cars quite high and getting the bikes down is no laughing matter (and they've still to be put back up after the ride!)

The trail centre, an impressive shop and cafe.

Dave found some of the climb to the trailhead quite hard!

The track along to the trailhead, perfect weather and some cracking views.

A stop for a quick drink on the descent first time round

Second time back up the climb and time for a photo as I waited on Dave

The start of "Vicious Valley" a red graded descent.

A weeks visit to family in Cardiff accompanied by one of my bikes! I did a couple of local slightly uninspiring rides on my own but on Friday Dave took me to Wales's newest bike trail centre, Bikepark Wales for a few hours riding. It's a highly impressive set up and well worth a visit with a terrific variety of trails ranging from beginner to professional only tracks. The weather obliged as well to make it a good day out.

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