Sunday, 16 August 2015

Another good off road week of biking!

Clive doing the jump on Maidens Cleugh

Matt doing the water crossing

Kathy, looking good as usual, but pushing up Castlelaw!

Me looking as though I've sprung a leak!

Another week of pretty good weather which has meant a lot of off road biking up the Pentlands, a lot of it done with Kathy and her son Matt. The difference in the last 2 weeks in them both is tremendous and I think with Matt in particular I'll have to fill his bike tyres with sand to slow him down a bit! Over 140 miles last week and over 150 miles this week, all off road, but will it continue and.....will the weather continue to hold?
An additional highlight of the week was the fact that I passed 22000 miles on the Garmin since I bought it just over 4 years ago.

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