Sunday, 23 August 2015

Another 138 off road miles this week.....

There's not a better view up the Pentlands on a sunny Sunday morning!

Kathy insisted on being photographed alongside another 2 old nags through the week!

This morning at the start of the final climb to West Kip.

And after a bit of sweat we reached West Kip!

A climb I find very boring, the tarmac, dead straight climb up to Bavelaw.

Another good week's biking with reasonable weather that got steadily better as the week went on ending in a hot fiery day today. The scenery in the Pentland Hills is probably at its peak just now with the heather in full bloom and the rides are interrupted for numerous photos.We'll better take the opportunity as the forecast for next week is the dreaded "unsettled", which usually means cold and rainy! The weekly average mileage is doing well at the moment but this could soon fall if the weather changes!  

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