Sunday, 6 September 2015

An Indian summer? Here's hoping!

When was the last time the sun nearly dazzled us this year......

Brilliant riding conditions in the Pentland Hills today

Just look at that sky, not seen it that blue many times this year!

I'm not actually crouching to take on Usain Bolt in a sprint, I'm lining up a photo of West Kip in the distance

Just had to include a picture of Highland "Coos" we met today, what a pair of handlebars these horns would make....
 A 6.30 am start and the temperature was down to 3C, we were glad of the climb up Castlelaw to get the blood pumping round. A slightly different route today which proved to be very interesting in more ways than one. The new track I found through the week starts off really good but unfortunately today we ended up hike a biking about half a mile up a sheep track to the top of Allermuir! The descent from there made it well worthwhile in the end though (well nearly), Over 27 miles today with nearly 3000 feet of climbing and Clive ended up winning the "falling of contest" by 3 to 1!!

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